Are you an aspiring Engineer who is keen on solving real-time problems? Do you have a knack for suggesting courses of action or ideas when a problem arises?
Well, this event gives you valuable experience with this. A challenge will be given to the participating teams. Participants are expected to bring a solution to the given problem.

Round 1
        A real-time problem will be given to the participating team. The team has to find an appropriate solution for the given problem.. The idea should be unique and should not be copied. The best idea will be selected for the next round. The selected teams will be contacted via e-mail.

Round 2
      The selected teams from the first round have to design, analyze and fabricate the solution or to submit  proof of concept (POC). The selected teams have to present their ideas with their design and prototype or Proof of concept (POC) in front of the juries in the campus. The two best presentations will be announced as title winner and runner-up of Solutionerise 2019.
(Prototype is preferable).


  • The Participating team should have not more than four members.
  • The team members can be from any department.
  • Solutions should be unique and should not be copied.
  • Plagiarized ideas will be disqualified.
  • Candidates should send their idea as an abstract in PDF format.
  • The abstract should be sent to our mail ID on or before 3rd Feb 2019.
  • The selected team will be intimated through their respective mail ID.
  • The selected candidates should bring their College ID card at the time of final presentation.
  • The decision of the event coordinators and judges will be final and will not be subjected to any further discussions.

Contact Info

ME A113- Conference Hall
General Events Fee
Prize Amount
Feb. 8, 2019, 1 Day
9 a.m.