Why The Change

The only thing that is constant is change. To us change is always progress. Our Yugam has been defining every single moment for the past four years! We started with immense dreams and ideas but now our aspirations are even mightier! We have been climbing steps every year, but in 2018, we want to cross horizons!

A change can be small, but for us a change is an era!

Oru Pudhu Yugam Padaippom!


Neer, the element of purity!

In all its mighty vastness, Neer reminds us of adaptability. Neer is flexible and free flowing and representational of how human minds should be. It soaks us with magic and becomes a mirror of our emotions! This sweet elixir of the world is life in all it’s glory!


Bhoomi, the element of nurture!

This mighty skin of the planet is the manifestation of matter. It symbolizes growth. Bhoomi marks the beginning of civilization and completes the circle of life. It's the element that leads to development, internally and externally!


Agni, the element of zeal!

Amidst the rage and fury, Agni symbolizes knowledge. Agni in all its radiance is descriptive of destruction and rebirth; This intricate nature of Agni shines without remorse, sparking the darkness with all manners of alchemical stirrings.


Vaayu, the element of curiosity!

Vaayu is the vast network of vital breath; it is representational of birth, death and the life in between. Vaayu is formless. Vaayu is a constant reminder to see past the visible to explore the invisible.


Aagaayam, the element of rife!

Aagaayam is the celestial matter that fills all space. It is elusive and is representational of the higher faiths. Aagaayam is the rule and the sealant of the Universe. It's a reminder of what we are, and the existence of others similar to us in the cosmos!


The star of the universe!

Provider of radiance! Standing above all it gives the ascent to life! A sign of hope, it enlightens the mind and the soul!


The evoker of humility!

It enlightens us that darkness can't hide the beauty of life! She doesn't provide a light of her own, but she is a luminary! She teaches us to be rooted to the ground, even if we rise above the world!

In the confluence of these elements, evolves a human. Yugam celebrates the raw emotions and the deep minds; Yugam aspires to rise above the mundane, above the horizon to create new eras that are worth a lifetime!