Make a robot that follows line, light and detects smoke. It has to move across lines and slopes carefully and smoothly to win prizes. In this event, the participants should compete with fellow mates with their bots to overcome the arena. The bot which completes the arena autonomously will be awarded. The arena is a line following (consists of slope, loops), light and smoke detection. Here the bot should follow the line of light and avoid smoke to win the game, which includes choosing a correct and the shortest path to find the destination.


  • Each participant/team must bring their BOT and spare parts if required.
  • Maximum 4 members per team.
  • The bot is to be designed with the following considerations:
  • It must be a line follower (consists of slopes and loops).
  • It must be a light follower.
  • It must avoid smoke produced during the game to reach the finish line.
  • Any sensors can be used for building the bot based on the participant’s view.
  • Path selection is based on the intensity of the smoke.
  • All the sensors must be used in single bot.

Contact Info

MCE - A211 Project Lab
General Events Fee
Prize Amount
Feb. 7, 2019, 6hrs
10 a.m.