Build your own hovercraft. Let it glide over land, water and much more. Catch some thrills and race your way to success. Gear up for the ultimate showdown of RC hovercraft's ! Bring out the engineer in you, as you design your own hovercraft, and test it for speed, maneuverability, and handling on various terrains like sand, water, and gravel. It requires the participant to build a radio-controlled hovercraft that can successfully complete the specified track in the least possible time.

            It will be a time-based round of 3 laps and two chances will be given, the best one will be considered. Time penalties for cars leaving the track are at the sole discretion of the organizers.

            This round requires the participants to maneuver their hovercraft's around the given track.


  • Maximum of four members per team.
  • There is no limitation on the weight of the craft.
  • The use of IC Engines is strictly prohibited. ONLY DC motors are allowed.
  • Use of ready-made actuators/motors, remote control units, electronic speed controllers, and propellers are allowed
  • Teams should bring their own remote controls, and they must operate at 2.4 GHz.
  • Radios with any other frequency are strictly prohibited for use during the event.
  • Ready to use kits and ready made building kits are strictly prohibited.
  • There is no limitation on the type or number of motors or servos that can be used.
  • Crafts found damaging the arena will be immediately disqualified.
  • Teams are not allowed to touch the hovercraft during the run (except if the team announces time-out as per the next rule). The timer will also keep running during this process.
  • Teams should bring spare parts (Batteries, Propellers, and Motors etc.) to the event along with the necessary tools for immediate repairs. The organizers will not provide/sell any such equipment.
  • Rules and regulations are subject to change. If any changes are made, it will be duly informed to the participants.
  • Participants must have the identity card of their respective institutes with them.
  • Safety precautions should be ensured by the participants.
  • Participants should take care of your own properties.

Contact Info

Opp. to A Block
General Events Fee
Prize Amount
Feb. 7, 2019, 8 hrs
9:30 a.m.