Street theatre is arguably the oldest form of theatre in existence, most mainstream entertainment mediums can be traced back to origins in street performing. It is a combined form of narrating a story or an issue with the help of acting, dancing, and singing. It is a powerful platform to talk about important issues and connect with common a person.


  • All Members of the Team will have to register in the “Street Play.”
  • Team size : 10 to 15 members.
  • Time Limit: Teams should restrict their play in 12mins (10+2) time.
  • 10mins: Warning Bell 12mins: Final Bell
  • Teams exceeding the 12mins
  • Final Bell will attract negative marks.
  • Language of the Play:  Tamil/English.
  • The Competition will be conducted in a “Street” like open place and hence no microphones, Speakers,
  • Music systems will not be allowed or available.Teams can sing / dance by themselves to create the necessary music or sound.
  • Teams using any props / Costume / Dressing must bring all their requirements and must be ready well in
  • No Props/costume /any material will be provided by the host college.
  • Teams must rehearse / practice the play well in advance.No Time for rehearsal / Stage practice / final rehearsal will be alloted during the fest.
  • Usage of fire or water is strictly prohibited.
  • Decision of Judges will be final and binding on all team.
  • Prize amount may vary

Contact Info

Opp. to CCD
General Events Fee
Prize Amount
Feb. 8, 2019, 3hrs
2 p.m.