Release the coder inside you and battle it out against like-minded individuals in this code hunt. This is going to be an interesting event for adventurous coders. In each round participants will be asked to code by communicating with their teammates in different ways (mono-acting, talking, etc.).

Round 1
        In this round, one of the participants will be allowed to read a question and has to communicate with their teammate through mono-acting. 

Round 2
       Both of the participants can read the question, one participant should use the monitor while the other uses the keyboard. The participant facing the monitor should guide his teammate.

Round 3
      In this round, each team member will be given a question and they should code for it. After the given time, the members will swap their machines and they have to continue the code without knowing the question.


  • Only 2 participants are allowed in a team.  
  • Gadgets and other devices are not allowed.

Contact Info

MVB 3rd Floor - RDBMS Lab
General Events Fee
Prize Amount
Feb. 8, 2019, 6 hrs
9 a.m.