Can your robot find its way out through difficult paths and confusing mazes. It’s a race against the clock as every robot tries to work its way through the trails of baffling mazes. The participants are required to build an autonomous robot that solves its way to the finish point with the help of lines.

Simple line follower track
  • The Bot has to follow the line track.
  • The bot has to complete the track in the least possible timing.
  • Teams crossing the finish line would be qualified for second round. 
  • This round will be for selecting the qualified bots for the upcoming rounds.

  • Line Follower track with sharp turns and loops.
  • The lines will consist of sharp turns and loops. 
  • The track will also have obstructions  placed in between. 
  • The bot has to reach the finish line in minimal time.
  • Top 6 contestants will be selected and be qualified for the final round.

  • Line track with mazes.
  • The maze will be having 3 deviating paths.In one of those paths an led will be placed.
  • The bot needs to identify the path with light intensity and needs to follow it.
  • The bots following other paths will be given negative points.
  • The arena will be shown before 1 hour, but the finish line will be revealed only in the event. Finish line differs for each team.


  • Robot must be autonomous and cannot be controlled manually (e.g.: BT, WIFI ,RC).
  • Only one robot per team has to be used for all the rounds.
  • The convener's decision will be final.
  • The convener's reserve the rights to disqualify the team indulging in any kind of misbehavior.
  • The potential difference between any 2 points in the circuit shouldn’t exceed 12 volts. Batteries should be mounted on the bot. (No external supply shall be provided)
  • A team can have a maximum of 5 members.
  • Bots exceeding the specified size(20cm * 15cm) will be provided either with reduced points or eliminated from the event. Bots of smaller size than the specified size will be awarded with more points.
  • There will be negative points for the team if the power supply for the bot is not embedded with the bot.

Contact Info

EEE - Machines Lab 1
General Events Fee
Prize Amount
Feb. 9, 2019, 8 Hrs
9 a.m.