Do you want to play the role of a Formula One driver without uncomfortable seats, the complicated controls or the claustrophobic cars? Well then bring your Arduino car and race it at our E-Vehicle Race.

      In the first level the bots of participants are tested for endurance. Here the track
(mini-bot track) will be designed so that the performance of the individual bots can 
be assessed. 

Final Round
  • This round will be, business marketing of their bot to the committee members. The
scores are awarded accordingly.
  • Apart from the mentioned task, special scores will be given for design thinking and other
  • The participants should develop their marketing strategy.The main theme of this event is
endurance and race test of Arduino based bot. 


  • Each Team should possess enough equipment for the endurance and the race.
  • Only specified rpm of the motor should be used for all wheels, stepper motor is not allowed.
  • Battery for the bot may be 9V or lead acid 12V, any other power source is not appreciated but it can be considered for the event with proper justification.
  • Boosting the gears teeth in the wheels should not be used.
  • Market product(ready-made) bot is not allowed for competition.
  • Maximum 4 per team.
  • Control over bot is of your own convenience but bluetooth or wifi mode would be prefered. 
  • Decision of the judges is final.
  • Basic bots are most welcomed, as the event mainly concentrate on evoking the students participation.

Contact Info

Opp. to A Block
General Events Fee
Prize Amount
Feb. 9, 2019, 1 DAY
10:30 a.m.