Are you a big fan of Marvel or DC comics? Then this is the best arena for you. This event gives you a chance to become the Stan Lee of India by creating your own superheroes with your imagination. Play with the laws of physics in your own way!!

  • For the first round, you have to design your hero on paper or digitally, mentioning all specifications, accessories using your imagination and giving a write up on the story of evolution of the hero. 
  • The character designed should be given as many physics concepts that try to prove the power they possess. The laws used to justify the super-power can either be hypothesis or an exception of a certain law. 
  • Each hero may have any number of super-powers, of them a minimum of three laws have to be newly created by the participants. 
  • The participants will be given one hour to complete this round.

  • Second round is to create a comics episode with your superhero. 
  • You have to develop a sketch of drawings of the comic episode on how your character looks and make your own comic story. 
  • The comic maybe displayed in the form of drawings, as a complete written story or as a digital art (laptops should be brought if necessary). You will have to build all the necessary characters for it and come up with your imaginary characters as well as a logical comic story. 
  • There should be a fight sequence between your hero and the villain. The other characters that are designed do not need explanations for the powers they possess. 

  • The third round is the presentation round; the introduction of the character, explaining their powers and the story behind the acquisition of their powers. 
  • The most important thing to keep in mind is that physics and scientific backgrounds have to be given to the characters (like marvel and dc). 
  • Points will be awarded in par with the depth of imagination and the physics in their characters.
  • The other participants will have to critique the team that is presenting their hero by interrogating some aspect of their creation or by finding non-logical parts in their creation. Points will be awarded based on the critiques put forward.


  • No prerequisites.
  • Each team can have maximum three members of any year but of the same college.
  • The participants may bring their design either as a drawing or as a digital art form (laptops may be used).
  • The comic hero or villain is evaluated by their design attributes and the logical aspects of the hero possessing such powers.
  • All special powers have to be explained by means of physics laws.

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Feb. 7, 2019, 4hrs
9 a.m.