Are you a master in basic circuital concepts and can choose the best solution among other options, then the contest is for you, presenting you the circuit debugging event in 3 rounds.

    ROUND 1
         Being provided with faulty circuit diagrams, the participants are supposed to spot the errors in them and redraw the circuit .Filtration to the next round will be based on your justification and time taken for it.

    ROUND 2
              Schematic solving aided by the choices provided. It involves the schematic, technical and logical solving of the circuit. The circuit to be solved will be projected on the screen and the team should solve it in a sheet of paper. Top 10 to 15 teams will be selected.

    ROUND 3
              It is hardware debugging where the team would be provided bread board connected circuit with a fault in it. The team should troubleshoot the problem and rectify it to get the required output.


    • Max 2 participants per team.
    • Participants should have the basic knowledge on circuit theory and electronics.
    • The decision of coordinators are final and aren’t subject to any further discussions.

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    General Events Fee
    Prize Amount
    Feb. 8, 2019, 1 DAY
    9 a.m.