““Website without visitors is like a ship lost in the horizon.”
                                                                                               -Dr. Christopher Dayagdag
A good website is the one which builds a unique connection with viewers and it must be in such a way that it seeks the attention of the people. D web serves as a place to showcase your enthusiasm in designing a website . Exhibit your skills right down in this event .Grab the opportunity to prove that you are the best!

Round 1
  • 30 multiple choice question will be asked from various fields (i.e. Programming, Database, Designing, Html, CSS, JavaScript, Php).
  • Shortlisted students will be selected for further rounds.

Round 2
  • 30 Teams will be shortlisted
  • Each  team  will be given a theme and will be asked to design a template (User Interface) for that theme website using PHOTOSHOP.

Round 3
  • 5 Teams will be shortlisted
  • The teams will be asked to create a real-time (Static) website based on the template created and present it.


  •  Own Laptop is preferable / System will be provided only with certain tools
  •  On the spot registration.
  •  Only two members per team.
  •  Participants must bring their college ID card.
  •  Internet and our systems will be provided only for college hours.
  •  Judges decision will be final.

Contact Info

D Block - CADD B
General Events Fee
Prize Amount
Feb. 7, 2019, 2 DAYS
9 a.m.