As it is a Football based auction game,the participants will get to know about the economics behind football clubs and their way of approaching to buy certain players based on their value.The event will have a quiz round based on football to select the first 8 teams, if there are greater than 8 teams.Event comprises of 8 teams.Each team must bid and win 13-15 players.Each player is given the due credits.The participating team must form a fantasy football team of 11 players and submit them to the organizers. The organizers will calculate the total credits and the team with highest credits bag the grand prize..!


  • A team must only comprise of 3 members.
  • Each team must bid and pick atleast 13 to 15 players.
  • Each fantasy player will be given due credits.
  • Each team will be alloted a budget of 100 Million to bid for their players.
  • The picked fantasy team must have 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders,5  midfielders,3 forwards.
  • The team formation can be of any form.The team should have atleast 1 goalkeeper,3 defenders, 3 midfielders,1 forward and the rest 3 can be of any position.
  • The team will be disqualified if they exceed the given budget limit.

Contact Info

MVB - 205
General Events Fee
Prize Amount
Feb. 7, 2019, 3 hrs
11 a.m.