NovaCTF is a jeopardy style CTF, a Cybersport, conducted as a part of Yugam 2019, the annual techno-cultural fest of Kumaraguru College of Technology. It is aimed at instilling curiosity among young hackers and encourage them to learn further, try harder and go deeper into the field of Cyber Security.

The challenges are on web, forensic, crypto, binary, reverse and hardware. The participants are required to obtain the flag, which
serves as proof of your exploit. If you are weak on any of these particular areas, the Cyber Security workshop conducted the earlier day would be advantageous and could give an edge for the newbies. The problems are on an elemental level and timely hints will be provided.

It is ok to be unsure. It is ok to be doubtful. It is ok to fail.
Remember, "The master was once a beginner!" This CTF might be the stepping stone on your path to explore and excel in the field. 

Teams registered for the CTF and teams from the workshop, totally twenty teams will hack their way to the leaderboard.

The top five teams will witness one of a kind hardware style challenges. 

Winning teams will take home exciting prizes worth 15k.

  1. A team can have at most 3 members.
  2. The registration is open only for first 30 members.
  3. Top ten performing teams from the workshop are also eligible. They need NOT register for this CTF separately. 
  4. It is mandatory to have at least one laptop for a team.
  5. DoS attacks or generating huge traffic by any means is strictly prohibited.
  6. Teams are not allowed to share flags, solutions or collaborate in any other way during the period of competition.
  7. Participants are refrained from asking solution or hints from any of the organizers or problem setters during the contest.
  8. Violation of these rules will result in unconditional disqualification.

Contact Info

Fee (Team)
Prize Amount
Feb. 5, 2019, 1 Day
9:30 a.m.