For the crazy aeronauts who thinks that the small things are the creation of the new thing, then think about the Chuck glider. Model glider aircraft are flying or non-flying models of existing or imaginary gliders, often scaled-down versions of full size planes, using lightweight materials. 


  • Maximum 2 members per team is allowed.
  • Any lightweight materials can be used (No Metals are allowed)
  • Maximum of 3 attempts per person and the best of 3 will be considered in prelims.
  • Teams must bring their own models. Ready-made kits are strictly prohibited.
  • Maximum wing span of 400 mm.
  • The range, safe landing, innovation and endurance of the gliders are taken into consideration.
  • Gliders must be thrown into the air using only hand power. Catapult and power driven motors are not allowed
  • The maximum time of gliding & distance will be considered. (No other factor will be taken in to consideration)
  • All gliders must have their names and school written clearly on the wing of the glider.
  • Score=D+2G
                          D=Distance traveled by the plane in meter.
                          G=Gliding time in seconds.

Contact Info

Football Ground
Fee (Team)
Prize Amount
Feb. 4, 2019, 4hrs
10 a.m.