Are you a lawgical thinker with lot of questions in mind? Then this is the right event for you people where you can rely on scientific laws and theorems. You will be given a chance to show your reasoning and thinking skills on various aspects of science. Grab this opportunity to prove who you are!!!

The first round will be a quiz in which the participant’s knowledge on scientific laws will be tested by asking a set of questions. The questions will be asked in different formats such as a picture, connection, guess me, find x etc. The points will be awarded by the number of correct answers answered by the participants.

The second round is based on the TV show “science of stupids” in which the participants are requested to find scientific laws, errors and explanations behind the short clip that we play. We play a movie scenes, a funny fails and an animations. Points will be awarded as per the number of laws, errors found behind those clips and by their scientific explanations for it.

In this round each team is given a theory or a phenomena which they must prove or disprove and explain the reason for their choice. The participants should stand by their decision by explaining it with a scientific law. Questions will be raised by the judges and by the other participants. Points will be awarded based on the explanation given by the team.


  • Each team should have a maximum of three members of any year but of the same college.
  • The participants are not allowed to use any electronic device to search for answers for the first and for rounds 2 & 3 they are allowed to use their electronic gadgets to refer the laws.
  • The explanations given should be logical and not hypothetical.
  • The scientific law explained should exist and the participants will have to show the proof of concept for it, If asked by the judges. (The proof can be shown from any material).

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General Events Fee
Prize Amount
Feb. 9, 2019, 4hrs
10 a.m.