“The winner isn’t the one with the fastest car, it’s the one who refuses to lose”. Let’s get into the real battle. An ultimate showdown of your own fabricated Remote Controlled Cars! Compete with other opponents on a “RC TRACK” with many obstacles in the least possible time to score the maximum points.

        It will time based round of 3 laps and two chances will be given, best of one will be considered.Time penalties for cars leaving the track are at the sole discretion of the organizers.
        This will be a one on one race and the racers will through lucky slot. Time penalties will also be considered.Winners will be qualified to the final round.
        This will be the final round.The tire consist of 4 laps the winners will be awarded. Event head and Coordinators decision will be final. Violation of rules by any team will be disqualified.


  • No team should have more than 5 persons. 
  • Only two persons per team are allowed inside the track area. 
  • The team members can be from any department. 
  • If two tyre of the car goes out of the track,a car should be restore back to the previous check point. 
  • Failure to restore the car on the call of volunteers will lead to disqualification. 
  • Participants should use proper suspension system to endure the bumps on the ramp. 
  • If the car hits the bricks or goes out of boundary, five seconds will be added to the participant’s time. 
  • If the car hits the cones or tyres , three seconds will be added to the participants time. 
  • A lap is taken to be completed only if the car completes the entire track and comes back to starting point. 
  • A time shall still be running, if the cars fuel gets finished or car switches off. 
  • The percentage of nitro methane should not exceed 20% by the volume in the fuel. 
  • Decision of the event coordinators and judges will be final and will not be subjected to any further discussions. 
  • Participants should take care of your own properties.
  • Safety precautions should be ensured by the participants.

Contact Info

Opp. to A Block
General Events Fee
Prize Amount
Feb. 8, 2019, 7hrs
9:30 a.m.