Are you a techie-player? Do you believe that learning is fun? Build your receiver according to the specifications given to competing with other teams! Hunt for your transmitter in the fierce battle area! Mark your calendars for the tech-fun event “FOX HUNT”!

Guys, if you have no time to design the receiver, don't worry, we have alternate options. We will associate you with the professional radio operators to hunt the fox (hidden transmitter). Come and experience the radio sport and bag prizes..

Those who want to participate with a receiver, the specifications are here.


  • Design a radio receiver and an antenna which is capable of homing in and finding the location of a transmitter hidden in the college campus. 
  • The Receiver must have a tuning knob in order to tune the receiver to listen in a 2-meter radio band.
  • The broadcast signal will be a 145 MHz FM beep signal with a transmitting power in the range of 1 Watt - 5 Watt.


  • Maximum of three members per team is allowed.
  • Participants are permitted to use readymade antennas as available commercially.
  • Use of ICs and local oscillators available commercially is permitted.
  • Use of current and voltage meter for measurements is permitted.
  • It is suggested to make use of the following:      
  • A directional Antenna
  • A signal strength indicator
  • Wide range RF gain-control (attenuator), so that it is able to take readings in the vicinity of the transmitter.
  • Teams may use alternative methods such as triangulation for the task.
  • The power of the transmitter will be 1 W - 5 W.
  • Teams are expected to have the circuit schematic, PCB design and other details, as there is a separate prize for the best design of the receiver.

Contact Info

General Events Fee
Prize Amount
Feb. 8, 2019, 6 hrs
9 a.m.