God has presented his creativity by molding each one of us differently. So are you ready to twist your hands for creativity? All you need is lofty goals, so cement it with great work ethic! This event is based on molding the structures on various aspects. It will be a splendid opportunity to explore the molding technique and procedures, not without a rare new combination of cement: aggregate ratio. It tests one’s knowledge in techniques related to Concrete Technology and Strength of Materials. It's hard work, perseverance and learning that gifts you success !

  • 3 moulds (150 x 150 x 150) should be prepared.
  • Max cement content should be =350kg/m³.
  • Water content should be =0.45 to 0.50.
  • Slump range of concrete should be 115mm to 125mm.
  • Density of hardened concrete should be low.
  • High strength should be achieved.
  • Super plasticizer admixture is used.
  • Specific gravity for cement, coarse aggregate, fine
  • Aggregate should be done.
  • M30 grade cement.
  • Fine aggregate-msand.
  • Coarse aggregate-20mm.
  • Smooth finish.
  • Less honeycomb.
  • Mix design report should be prepared as per is 456 & is 10262.


  • Basic knowledge of concrete is recommended.
  • Breakage of any instrument will be fined.
  • 3 members per team.
  • Basic prelims will be conducted.
  • Negligence of rules by any participant will be disqualified.

Contact Info

C Block - STC Lab
General Events Fee
Prize Amount
Feb. 9, 2019, 3 Hrs
2 p.m.